Lamplay is a picture of a playful lamp perfectly printed on a canvas, from which people will not only embrace the arts, but also appreciate its useful function. It is such a trompe-l’œil! (French for “deceive the eye”).

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Build to last

Durable and Artistic

Canvas print: Our bright white, consistent poly-cotton blend matte canvas features an acid-free, neutral pH coating without any additives or agents. The canvas prints are designed to last well over 50 years, guaranteeing you will treasure your prints for a lifetime.

Canvas frame: All frames must go through drop tests. It won’t break on delivery or after that.

LED light panel: Each Lamplay includes a free CE-certified LED light panel, which can last up to 10,000 hours. You can easily change the light panel if needed.

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40 x 40cm, 40 x 60cm